Is he interested in being my boyfriend?

Met a guy just over a month ago at a nodance class, we hit it off straight away and I found him on Facebook the next day. We have spoken every single day since for at least an hour usually more. He's asked me for a drink 3 times, the last been with 2 of his friends who are newlyweds. Plus we've gone twice to a different dance class and spent several hours dancing and talking. Including the class we met at we've seen each other 11 times but I'd say only 3-5 were actual dates. He was a bit awkward at first and our first hug was brief and awkward, now he's always pulling me into him for tight hugs and sometimes stops dancing and hugs me tightly from behind me. When we're sat talking he usually has his arm/shoulder/leg resting against mine. He often insists on driving me home so I don't have to get the bus in the dark alone.

But he keeps his hands firmly in his pockets (holds my hand to take me up to dance but hasn't tried when we're walking), hasn't tried to kiss me either.

Every night when we finish talking he always puts a X on his goodnight message and the last couple of days that has become Xx.

He likes me, right? If so how do I get him to hold my hand/kiss me/call me his girlfriend?

I'm 25 and kinda new to dating, he's 29 and quite geeky and not a flirty person at all.
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Is he interested in being my boyfriend?
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