Would you cancel a date if you ended up having to work longer than intended by a few hours?

like say you had plans to meet someone at 7pm, and you thought you'd be home by then, but due to unexpected work calling, you wouldn't be home until 9-10pm... would you cancel the date? Or still have it but later?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Depends. By the time I get showered and all that it not it is even later. If I have to work the next morning I don't have time now for a date, plus I am probably tired too. I would probably cancel.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I would ask if they were okay with pushing it back later (if I really liked them).

    If they weren't fine with it then I would ask to reschedule.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Really depends how much I liked her.

    If I was head over heels for her, I wouldn't mind taking the rest of the time off to meet with her.

    If I wasn't crazy about her, but still wanted to get together with her, I would cancel and reschedule.

  • Joys of being the boss you just make someone else do it buy if I really has to do it myself I would ask her if she wanted to come with me or do the date later

  • If you cancel do it in a timely fashion, give a reason, and then do the right thing and give a follow up date for next date. After which you contact the person.

    Expecting the guy to try again for you and plan things out is selfish behavior.

    • But what if he was the one to cancel? I waitfor him to reschedule right?

What Girls Said 1

  • You would have to, wouldn't you? How can you be in two places at once?

    • I mean you could meet after like 10

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