Is it worth telling my crush how I feel about her when there's only 7 months of school left?

And we're in Year 11 so should be focusing on studies? She's a close female friend if that makes a difference. For details on my friendship with her, please head to my profile and look at another question of mine, "How do I get a hug from my female friend?".


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  • yeah it does

  • It does matter you
    Should than you can date during summer and hang out also during the next year


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  • Tell him as soon as possible,
    life become worse than death if u live with regrets

    • It's a her, but thanks.

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    • But we're already really close friends (almost best friends but not quite), so what if it ruins our friendship?

    • Your friendship is a fraud in a first place, because u like her romantically and by now maybe she has realised it as well that u like her but u are not man enough to ask her out.
      Be a man dude- just tell her "Hey , i like u romantically and this friendship thing is not working for me, so when r u free to go out with me on coffee?
      if she says yes then go for the kiss, if she says no, then walk and never look back, life is too short to be stuck on one person.