My boyfriend called and texted his ex girlfriend?

So, a little background. I've been seeing this guy in April. We started dating a month after his ex-girlfriend broke up with him via text due to him not being present enough/never seeing her anymore/he wasn't sure about what he wanted/he wasn't ready to commit. But thing started to get pretty serious and in July we were already posting things on Facebook, saying I love you and etc. But there's something: he hides these posts from his timeline. You can see it in my profile, but not his. Moving forward... we changed our fb status a couple weeks ago, but I just found out that in the beginning of September he drunk texted and called her. She didn't pick up, but he asked for her forgiveness through text, said he was sorry about hurting her. They talked for a few days after that and among other things, he told her he didn't know what he was thinking when he texted/called her, and said he might be missing her e little. I just want to point out that she prob knows about me now, but I'm pretty sure she had no clue back then so I'm not pissed at her or anything. They haven't talked since. She was the first girl he introduced to his friends like, ever. Is he still in love with her? Should I break up with him over this?

I meant since April.
nm, sorry about the grammar


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  • He isn't over her. When she breaks up with him, she wants to move on, not him. So he ends up being still stuck on her. It can take more time to finally being able to move on. During this you just need to be the best girlfriend you can be to let him know you are the better option and help him forget her and stay focused on you.


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  • I think he still definitely has feelings for her as when he got involved with you it was still fresh. So do what you will with it though, if you think you can genuinely have a happy relationship with him without worrying then proceed, if you feel you might possibly be a rebound and a cover for his feelings then I would talk with him.

    • That's exactly how I feel, like a rebound. I knew things were still fresh back when we started seeing each other, but as time passed by I actually thought he had forgot about her. Apparently, he didn't. She moved on though, for sure. She asked a couple questions when they talked, like why he was texting her and stuff like that but never picked up any of his calls and I could tell she wasn't giving him hopes or anything. Is that a good sign? If he sees she's not willing to take him back is he going to let her go? I know he still thought she had feelings for him. I used to ask this when we talked about her. He did think he was the love of her life and stuff. Is he going to grow out of this? Because I am so in love with him, but now I can't shake the feelings that I'm just his second option. Like, he can't have her, so he has settled for me instead.

    • I know it's hard but realistically its up to him, we can't just shut our feelings out and off but you also don't just want to keep falling harder and harder and one day she may say she wants him and he will just drop you.


    • Can you elaborate a little, please?

    • He's a douche and what he's doing is so disrespectful to you and your relationship. End it now and tell him you can't be with someone who's stringing you along.

    • Thank you. I am so torn apart. What if it was a one time thing? Do you think he still has feelings for her? I am so crushed.