How can a black chick attract and keep a guy from El Salvador?

So one of my coworkers and I really like one another, but he's from El Salvador. Latina women are so gorgeous and I'm concerned if this black chick can keep his interest or not. He's into me - I can tell how he's become possessive even though we just hang out at work. He's expressed that he's very attracted and he's become jealous acting when other male coworkers interact with me. I really want to take things further but he's kind of reserved about his feelings when we talk. So I want to know what he'll find irresistible so I can snag this guy. I've never dated outside of my race before, not because I'm racist or anything the opportunity never arose I guess.


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  • Just take what comes naturally and don't force anything. Start out by going out to dinner or cook for him. Start hanging out outside of work and get to know each other

  • I don't know because I'm not from El Salvador. I'm from Puerto Rico and I don't know and though we both speak Spanish, there is always a difference in culture and whatnot.

    Personally, I'm very attracted to black girls.


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