Do Mexican women find East Asian men (Korean, Japanese, Chinese) attractive?

I am curious whether there are many Mexican women that like East Asian men. I would appreciate if someone from Mexican background can answer my question.


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  • Having grown up in a region with lots of Mexicans, I would say from what I've seen that some Mexican girls do like Asian guys -- or are at least open to them.

    But most of them probably aren't into Asian guys by default, because most girls of ALL races in North America aren't into Asian guys by default lol (except for Asian girls in North America, and even then it's maybe like 65/35 in your favor at most haha, from my experience).

    But the positive thing is that you're not looking to get with every girl in North America (I think xD ). You only need one great girl to like you back, so you don't need all girls to like Asian guys. Good luck, dude.

    • I agree with u for the most part, but I want to point out that it's usually American white women and Canadian white women that discriminate against Asian men the most. I mean not girls of all races consider us Asians as the least desirable other than white women. I think its only white women that are not attracted to Asian men.

      From my experience, most American women and Canadian white women are very averse to the idea of dating Asian men with few exceptions. They are brainwashed by the Hollywood media to dislike us. So Asian men are very unpopular in USA and Canada.

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  • I'm not Mexican but I'd say some do? Just like everywhere?


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  • I am sure there are Mexicnas tend to look a lot like like many Asians.