Help!!! Long Distance relationship he doesn't even want to try?

i really like this guy and I haven't told him how I feel; but my friend who is also friends with him told me that he likes me too but doesn't want to be with me. He's moving away and would rather be friends than to hurt me because he knows he would cheat on me.

He doesn't even want to try 😥😥😔 I respect his honesty which should be a sign to run but I can't.
he wouldn't even let me show him that I could be and would be good to him.

should I just forget?


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  • Jeez, "knows he would cheat" . Dosn't sound like a keeper exactly. Im in LDR myself and have been for a while, never cheated or felt the need to. Not an excuse.

    • Hmm I see. That make sense. At least he was honest.

What Girls Said 1

  • In the long run, it wouldn't work out. Long distance never work out. Its better you know now then a few months to a year down the line