Not attracted to him physically?

I have been talking to this very awesome guy; his very sweet, romantic, affectionate and he makes me laugh and smile heaps! Although his very feminine I am attracted to his personality however Im not really attracted to his looks.. I feel so horrible for saying that but I've heard that some people fall for personality first then become attracted to them physically later. His such a cute, dorky quite guy and love that so much about him but at the same time I dont want to hurt him if I dont end up becoming physically attractive to him.. probably sound shallow as fk and want to roll over and cry about it but have no idea what I should do. His one of the very few guys I meet who actually treat me right; doesn't play me or use me but is upfront and honest and isn't afraid to be himself as well as accept my weird quirky behaviour as well
Feel like shit, what would you do in this situation?
Not attracted to him physically?
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