I really need some advice?

So I met a guy on a dating app. We went to lunch (and he paid! I was like wahhh) and then back to my place. Yes, sex happened quite a few times. He has texted me everyday since then, he has texted first! The next weekend he was going to come over again, and I told him I was catching the bus to the store then he offered to ride me. He even came into the store with me, pushed the cart, and stayed with me the entire time! Now he has been texting me everyday, except the last couple of days I have had to text him first. He responses are less then quick now but he blames in on his video games.. I guess him and his team are building something to compete in some tournament? I don't know anything about video games lol But like... whats his game? Does he think we are dating?


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  • You need speak up and tell him what you want. Sounds like he thinks you
    two are dating but it doesn't seem like it but you need to let him know what
    you. There is lack of communication on both parts.

    • I am just having a problem with these video games. I want him to do stuff he enjoys but sometimes I won't get a reply for like 6 hours. It makes me think he is seeing someone else.

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  • good job on finding a real man. I don't accept anything less them
    than what he's demonstrated to you. I always say on here that I never pay for dates or go half, I never chase men, I don't text first ever (until we're a couple) what he's doing is what a man should do

    • and since he paid for the date, sexed you up, & is contact with you daily, plus not letting you take the bus, I'd say yeah, you're dating

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