Is he interested or not? What do I do?

So long story short i met this great guy while speed dating. I put down date but he put down friend, so we matched as friends. Anyway the next day, He text me saying it was nice meeting me and since then we’ve really hit it off and gone on 11 dates in about three and a half months. These dates have all lasted longer than four hours and have ranged from drinks, dinner, dessert, walks and nights spent at his house. We get on great and i feel like we just click. The problem here is that he hasn’t once tried to make a move. He’s opened doors for me, paid for meals (sometimes i pay because i feel bad but he always offers), pulled out my chair for me, called me cute and adorable and two dates ago i spent 10 hours at his house and all we ended up doing was spooning on his couch. I’ve tried to signal to him that I’m interested, i’ve touched his arm and leg multiple times, laugh at his jokes, make good eye contact and said i’ve found him physically attractive on multiple times to which he smiles shyly but moves the conversation on too something else. The last time i saw him was at his house to watch movies and it just felt off. We talked for a little bit but then he just sat there on his phone for 5 mins and wasn’t hisself. Since then i haven’t heard from him, and we always text constantly. Im feeling hurt and really confused. Help?

So my questions are this: Is he actually interest, if yes has he lost interest, does he only see me as a friend, what is he thinking and what do i do? Should i text him or leave it alone?
Is he interested or not? What do I do?
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