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Most Helpful Girl

  • Honestly... I've kind of been wanting something more serious lately. friends with benefits was fun and all that to an extent but it ended up with drama anyway, so I don't really know if I'll be into that much anymore at all tbh, I don't know.
    I wouldn't say Im "looking" though, but if I were to get into a relationship I would rather it was more serious this time, someone that I actually connect with for real than it just us being with each other for sex.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm looking for nothing at all because I'm aromantic and asexual.


What Girls Said 1

  • Something casual, I had "love" for 27 days lmao and although It wasn't long? It hurt like freak when we broke up (distance, schedules) I feel like I've been through enough though, minus that even, rn I just wanna have fun. If it feels good? Do it.


What Guys Said 1

  • For a number of reasons for entertainment on the Internet make up the majority of resources, including, for example, pornography - 20% of all sites. However, many people who visit online dating sites, looking for a partner for a serious long-term monogamous relationship, at least, so think or say. Offhand it is not less than 30% of single people (it is likely 50% or even 70%, although this is not essential for this article). Another thing is that people are not fully aware of spending time on entertainment sites or dating sites for all tastes. And maybe that offer these resources (communication without commitment, flirting, etc.), and is just what these people actually need, and, speaking of a serious relationship, they only deceive themselves and others or demonstrate compliance with public morality and stereotypes. If you add the lack of confidence in information technology, the shame factor, prejudice, bad experience online dating (or your friends), inability to think rationally (including analyze their mistakes) and take care of themselves - Matchmaking service on the Internet can be accessed and really useful for 5-10% of single people.

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