How do I ask this girl out?

So I've been hard crushing on this girl since middle school. We are in high school now and go to different school but still see her once a week for youth group stuff at our church. So when I told this girl I liked her, we were in like 7th grade and we were both so young. She told me she just liked me as a friend (which by the way we were rlly close, like we talked/texted all the time and all our friends thought we liked each other kinda thing, plus one of her friends told me she liked me) and I never really fully believed that. I held onto that and now Iam starting to feel butterflies all over again and can't stop thinking about her since we are with each other more and we are talking and laughing like we used to. it feels like she would be open to it at least I hope/think so. Now instead of when I was young and dumb and just telling her I have feelings, I think Iam gonna ask her out. I've like never done this so what are some good tips. Help!!


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  • "Hey girl, wanna hang out first tuesday?"