Does he like me? Should I be dating other people?

I met a guy online and we went on one date. It was fun but a little weird because I was nervous the entire time and he just talked really quickly and I don't know if thats a normal thing for him. He gave me some video games to return at an unspecified later date: I think this is promising? Also he wants to hang out with me again this weekend. In a text message he asked me what my intentions were- like if we were just friends or if I was interested in potentially dating him in time. Then he goes on to say he talking to several other people. I say I like him, and would potentially be interested with more. He replies back he at least wants us to be friends. So I reply back that we can be just friends, and then he asks me what changed my mind? Then I replied back yeah I'm still interested in potentially dating, and he goes on to say he is going to let time decide. So does he want to just be friends, date me, or what? Should I be chatting/dating other people too, because I'm not at the moment? I like that he is being up front with me in a way but at the same time I'm confused about the situation.


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  • Well, there's one I've never heard. I guy giving you video games on a first date to return to him at a later time.

    And, i wouldn't call that being upfront, i'd call that being vague. If you like him give him a shot, but don't sit around waiting on him, either he moves or you check out. And return his video games.

  • Keep your options open. You both didn't set an arrangement on being exclusive so test out the waters with other people and see if this goes anywhere beyond friendship.