I envy a girl who rejected me?

I am not the envy/jealous type and I understand everyone has their own problems...

But I envy this girl... ( I did have a crush on her, but she didn't feel the same way) and feel really sad when I think about my life.

The main things I envy are: She is a Girl, Attractive, Good Family, and went to University.

She is a girl, it kind of sucks that a guy will never know how it feels to be a girl... It be cool to experience life like that, but it's just not possible.

She is attractive, she get's so much attention from the opposite sex, She has a line up of guys wanting to date her... I get no/low attention... It be nice to be wanted by a girl, but as an average guy in this world... No girl wants me... Plus it's exhausting the amount of time and effort that a guy has to put into dating... a girl just kind of shows up.

She has a good family, my family was broken and poor... Her family is normal, she went to school, she has hobbies and talents because her parents put her in classes growing up... she can play any instrument, is really good at art, has her life set with a good foundation...

Myself, I kinda took care of myself growing up, I worked hard to get a good job, but I dislike it... I could change careers and go to school? But my current job pays well so it's not really worth it.

University, again she went, she is 23 has a degree... I am 23 never went, don't know what it was like, didn't find myself... Feel like my future is shot... and she is moving up in the world ( I still make more than her though)

I guess these things are all kind of connected ( Mostly to dating, bad family, no hobbies, no education, no attention)...

I really just want the envy to stop, I want to stop feeling sad. What do I do? Why do I feel this way? Is it because she rejected me?

Any help?


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