Why would you just stop talking to someone after having a great beautiful day?

it seems to happen to me a lot. We date a few weeks he expresses feelings and talks deep and texts a bunch and can't let me out of his arms then we leave thinking about. Ext time where we need to go together. A couple cryptic texts and nothing for a couple days I block them on Facebook and then they act weird when I see them.


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  • some guys just need to pull away to see how they feel about the relationship. and some guys run away because something changed their mind (sometimes what changed their mind isn't even to do with you)

    i recommend looking at relationship/dating coaches on youtube, they have helped me so much. now i can identify the creeps from the less creepy lol i also have 3 guys wanting this booty. good luck x

  • He's obviously had second thoughts for whatever reason... known only to him. Maybe it went well for you , but not for him. Unless you are just an option to him, and he had another girl he was pursuing at the same time