Afraid he's going to cancel because he's sick?

I guess I'm more venting than really asking for advice at this point.

We have a date on Wednesday night, but he has just come down with a bad cold. It's going to be our 3rd date. I mean, I totally get it if he's too sick to go, lol I'm not gonna blame the poor guy. But I'll be super disappointed. It's a concert date, by the way. I just don't know what to do.. if we reschedule another time to hang? Or? I'm super excited. Hopefully he will be better enough by then. Has anyone gone to a concert sick? How long do people usually stay sick for?


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  • I read this question and, no offense, but it seemed a little self centered. If someone is sick, and you know that, then in no way should you be mad let alone disappointed if they cancel on you. He has already shown you, that he likes you, but you seem more infatuated with the idea of having a boyfriend and showing him off at a concert.

    Now, I don't know you personally, nor do I know your intentions with him, so I can't judge you or your personality based off this one question. However, based off this one question you show a lack of admiration for his health and feelings. If you truly do care about him, contact him and ask him if you could come over, and instead the two of you could just be together.

    • Jeez, I guess the way I worded it made me seem that way. I'm an overthinker, and I've just come up with scenarios in my head that he might be making up that he's sick or whatever to get out of the date. I totally care about him, and if he wanted me to (not sure if we are close enough yet) I'd love to bring him some tea or something and spend the night at his place watching tv or whatever. I feel bad that he's sick, cause he really likes this artist. I was just venting concerns through this post. I didn't want to come off selfish. I could care less about the concert itself, I just want to spend time with him. And I guess my problem is that I wonder if he feels the same. That's what it comes down to. The concert was an excuse to spend time with him, and I guess the little selfish part of me wants him to go even if he's sick because he'd spend time with me. But that's the totally wrong way to think. It's definitely not to show him off or to have a boyfriend. I really really like *him*

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    • You actually helped me. I was thinking I was being selfish, you kinda smacked me in the face, in a good way haha. Yeah, night before the concert I'll ask him how he's doing and go from there. If he's still sick I'll offer up just watching a movie or something. If he's doin better, I'll still ask if he's up for the concert. I also worry about coming off as clingy/pushy.

    • I am awful at clingy and pushy, I think its because I care about people too much, and yeah lol. Don't worry about it, just take a breath, and it'll all be fine. Your plan seems pretty good. Best of luck with all of it :)

  • You should be more focused on him getting healthy and being safe than missing your stupid concert date. Really shows where he stands with you...

    • Uhh that's not true... I care about his health and well-being. What I'm worried about is not getting to hang out with him again. I could care less about the concert. I just want to spend time with him, and I'm afraid he doesn't want to with me. That's it I guess. Heck, I'd rather spend the night making him soup or going to the store buying him medicine or whatever he needs.

    • Why not go visit him while he's laid up in bed?

    • I totally would, but I'm not sure we are that close yet.. I'd love to though.

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