Why does he keep texting me, does he think I care? Should I cut him off?

So I've been texting a guy I met online for 3 weeks, coming 4 now. We have never met because of busy schedules - but I'm convinced that he is also talking to other girls and seeing his choices. I'm already getting less interested in him because we just text and don't meet, he doesn't suggest to meet either.

He always initiates conversation and is always a bit too sweet and caring, sends me good morning and goodnight texts. Even, if we didn't have a conversation that day, he would still text me good night and that he just got home from work. He always says it's really nice talking to me. He has an emoticon habit and sends too many as well.

Last night, he randomly texted me (again no prior conversation that day, apart from the night before, which the conversation already had ended) - he texted me with "Heading to bed soon, hope you had a restful Sunday :)"... like why? Does he think I care that he is going to bed? I don't even know this guy in person, and I'm not the clingy type of girl either.

Is he even interested? Or do you think he is playing some game and see if I will get attached to him by sending me small messages? I'm thinking of cutting him off altogether as it's just pointless and wasting time, especially if he sees "what his best options are" - I've never spoken to someone this long and have not met once.


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  • I think you have him pegged perfectly. He's casting a wide net and is keeping his options open. The fact that he hasn't moved to meet you implies that you're not his favorite prospect but you're just good enough to keep around in case the "better" ones don't pan out.

    I'd get rid of him, not because of anything he's done in particular but because you clearly have no tolerance for his behavior and as such, he's wasting your time.


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he is interested in you, that's why he is trying to find reasons to text you.

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