Guys how long does it take you to organise a date, or text the details?

Bit of basic information.
Me and my ex from 4 years ago, got together on the weekend the next morning he asked if i would like to catch up again. Being a little hungover i said yeah, but it came out as if i was just being polite.

Deciding to take it into my hands knowing he is shy, i texted him the following night to ask how his weekend was and that I was sorry it came across as i was uninterested but i would love to catch up and have some decent nights free this week to do so.

He replied a couple of hours later responding to the questions i asked in the text and then asked which nights i was free, adding he doesn't have much on this week.

I replied with the nights i was free and said whatever you think :D.

It has been one day and i still haven't heard back yet from him.

Is this a bad thing or is he organising something or is this normal how guys approach the topic.

We didn't have a messy break up, we only dated a short 8 months but he moved overseas and thought i wasn't as invested in the relationship. [Looking back now i was young and i don't think i was, and i thought he was immature]. 4 years later we are both in our late 20s now and in different stages of our lives. He just bought a house and is looking to settle down.

His friends asked if anything happened between us, and were happy when it did saying they should get back together.


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  • It depends on how interested I am. If I'm really interested, it would take me a couple hours at most to come up with a date and set things up. If I wasn't that interested, I could see myself lagging or dragging my feet.

    That said, I think this has more to do with this particular guy than your situation. Does he normally plan dates well? I think a lot of guys are pretty bad at doing that and you yourself pointed out that earlier in the previous conversation, you had to take things into your hands a bit. For some reason, that sounds to me like the type of guy who might take forever to set up plans.

    • so, in this particular situation you see that a long awaited reply to set up this supposed date, does not necessarily mean he is not interested.

  • I don't think he would ask if he didn't intend on following through. Sometime we have trouble coming up with fun affordable dates. It's a lot of pressure on guys to make the night perfect, and we get little help from the women we are asking usually. If you have something fun in mind why don't you suggest it. That could get the ball moving. Otherwise wait and see. If he doesn't call/text you then move on. If he was interested he wouldn't ignore you.

    And if he takes too long, you could always say you have plans now and you'll have to take a rain check. That should make him realize he fucked up.

    • If she has been waiting a few days though, he clearly isn't keen. Even if he did ask her out the next morning and again a few days later. I don't get why he asked again when he could have said he was busy.

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  • if he hasn't viewed it yet, thats weird.
    Maybe he wants to have a good answer, and so doesn't want to open it until he thinks of some options.

    he sounds shy/ lazy

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