My boyfriend want to visit a girl overseas how do I feel about this?

I have been with him for two years and he said that she helped him a lot in the past and is an important person to him.
He wants to visit her because she left to study abroad and is planning to stay there a whole weekend and i know it'll cost him a few hundreds to get there because it's England.
Could it be possible that he likes her? Should I get worried of him cheating on me?
he has been seeing her everyday for 3 years and she motivated him to study and everything but then my boyfriend says he has been loving me for five years.
The girl is pretty dull in my opinion like no strong personality and not good looking but she is kind.

by the way : I told him he could go if it can make him happy but still I am a bit scared and don't know what to think


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  • Uh, NO! Either you both go, or no one goes. This friend crap is complete bullshit. No fucking way would I allow that. If it is truly platonic friends, then why isn't he excited to have her meet you too! Why are you not going? Red flag for sure!

    • He says I don't trust him. I mean part of myself is hesitating between confronting him again but each time he just says I don't react normally when I say I am bothered by it

    • You need to confront him. Catch him on his bullshit. Or go with him. Fuck that.

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  • Have you Ever Heard of a "Work Wife or Husband" in the Work Place? This Is... Something Similar.
    It appears from Where I am Sitting, your Funny Honey has been Able to Have his Sweet cake and Eat it Two, By Being with Ms. "No America" and being with You.
    Time for your Man to Stand and Make a Hard Decision. He has Been in this Long Term Relationship with you, while being in a Long Distance One, hun, with her For..3 years Here, dear.
    He is In love with Both of You. Be Not only "Worried," be Very Afraid.
    And another Tip of the day, Personality is What Highlights and delights, and he is Basing This not on her Looks that may not Cook, but on Someone whom he Finds 'Strong" chemistry with. You just Never "Saw" it nor Realized it.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for the Like, and time to have a serious soul mate "Is this Fate?" talk. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • You either go or he doesn't go. The girl likes him. She has no business doing what you're supposed to do for your boyfriend. Get her out of his and your's lives. Express your concern in a non-confrontational way. Your feelings should matter moreally than hers.

    • Besides, why does he need to see her at England? If he sees her everyday, why did he NEED to see her in England? Unless I read that wrong, your boyfriend is cheating on you with her.

    • The last three years he saw her everyday but the thing is like spending so much money to go see a group of friends I'd understand but this one girl i. Particular it's very odd to me

    • bright red flag bright glowing neon red flag

  • Are you in USA? If so it's hell of a long way to come just for a friend.
    I mean I travel to see my friends, but if I was in a relationship I probably wouldn't travel to meet a guy friend... I am also not so much of a believer than guys and girls can be just friends anyway.
    I think you're right to be concerned and I think if he really cares about you he wouldn't go.

    • I am in Belgium so it's not far away but the trip would cost like 400 euros which is crazy

    • I personally do not think that is much of a big deal but maybe for you guys it is as you are younger.
      But the rest of my opinion stays the same and I don't think you should have told him that he could go.

    • We both are students which means he has no income and yet he found the money for that... I'll just annoy him a bit and tell him I want to go too as well then and see his reaction if it's a weird one well...

  • Red flag.

  • No no no no no no, why is he spending more time with this girl than with you? And wants to go on holiday to visit her by himself? Why not invite you? I'd be so upset if my boyfriend did this