If a guy and girl have a conversation like this?

Ok so if a guy and girl have a sexually heavy conversation it's there sexual attraction between the two regular attraction or just friends cause I notice even with just regular conversations as well I have her full attention like if something distracts her or pulls her away she will end it quick and come back to talking with me

Thanks again


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  • If you have her full attention then she likes you. Especially if you heard her say so. But actions always speak louder than words. She's probably shown you she likes you.

    • Yeah like we could be talking and she gets kinda irritated when it gets interrupted like if a customer comes up she will take care of the customer really quick just to get back to talking with me

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  • ıt's normal

    • Do you think there's any attraction I mean cause I caught her admitting to another coworker she liked me

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