How do I work through this odd place with a wonderful woman?

This woman and I meet up for dinner or coffee at least once a week, and we've been doing this since September. We both live in a small town and she's a great woman, but I'm not sure about what we've been doing. Every time we meet up, we've gotten closer and closer both physically and emotionally. I've been to her house, I've met her family, but we still haven't kissed.

The last time we met up, we went over to her place and we ended up talking until midnight, with a bottle of wine, after a lovely dinner. Here's the thing: I have a difficult time being physically close to anyone, though I've been working on it. She knows that, but I still think it might be pushing her away. At the end of the last night (after yet again, I failed to make a move, partly because we were both quite tipsy), we hugged as we said goodbye (she always asks for a hug at the end), and mid-hug I asked, "do I get more than a hug this time?", and she said said I could get a second hug, which I accepted. Mid-second-hug, she asks, "did you just ask if you could get more than a hug?" I didn't really say anything, but we smiled and laughed a bit, and I said, "I like you", to which she replied, "I know... but you seem scared" so I said, "then show me" (don't really know what that means, I was tipsy from the wine) and I can't really remember what was said after that exactly, I just remember she was really giggly after that even though nothing ended up happening.

We didn't talk much over the weekend, so I want to call her and talk about what happened. I really think something's there, I just need to be a lot more courageous when it comes to intimacy. I'm just not sure how I tell her that without making it seem odd. So I need your suggestions, or insight into this.

How do I work through this odd place with a wonderful woman?
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