Is 35ml of Chanel no5 enough?

I want to gather some money for my prom date and, I want to buy her a bottle of Chanel no5 (her favorite) but it's very expensive. Can I buy her a 35 ml bottle or is it too awkward? Should I buy her at least 50?


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  • Oh no, that's good enough lol! Everyone knows Chanel is a luxury company, 35 is definitely enough. I would save the 50 for when you're actually her boyfriend, like on her birthday :)

    • By the way, if you're not sure if she likes you, I wouldn't spend that kind of money yet. If you think she'll go out with your later, I'd do it.

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    • I'm glad that you helped me! here i was thinking that 35ml wasn't even enough, when in reality it was overboard. I don't want to buy flowers though, maybe something else, or perhaps nothing at all? thank you so much for the support! :)

    • Awe you're so welcome! You don't have to buy flowers :) Maybe some cute chocolate piece haha! All the best ☺️

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  • Chanel No5 is iconic, but it's also very older lady smelling. As in when I smell it I think of my grandmother. It is classic, but not for someone that younger in my opinion (it's a "heavier"scent). If you want to buy her something why not find out what she likes.

    • I'll make sure to ask her again! If I'm willing to pay 100 dollars, I better make sure she likes it lol

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