Does my boyfriend want to break up?

My boyfriend of 2 years and I live together. He just moved back in 4 months ago, due to our crazy fighting. This past week we have been fighting, he has been sleeping on the couch, and getting angry over every little thing. I've asked him to move out, and he doesn't seem like he wants to- but why pick a fight over everything if you love that person?


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  • I had the same problem with my most recent ex. We fought all the time, we broke up all the time, we got back together all the time. Eventually I grew resentful and tired of her, but I still loved her a lot. 2 years living with someone is a hard thing to get rid of.

    I think you both want out, but you are too comfortable with each other/scared to be single again. I eventually had to end it because I was tired of the way we were treating each other. I turned into a different angrier person around her. We are better off apart...


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  • It sounds like you should be the one initiating the breakup.

    Fighting to the point where the other person needs to move out or sleep on the couch is beyond unhealthy.

    I let my boyfriend sleep in the bed even if we're fighting, I just don't cuddle overnight.

    We wake up and act like nothing happened.

    • See my boyfriend sleeps on the couch because he snores, and i can't sleep at night. But he will ignore me after a fight and sit on the couch- play video games and then go to sleep (in complete silence). I don't know , whether he just wants to end it and doesn't have the balls.

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  • What are you guys fighting about exactly? Don't let stupid fights break you up.

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