Giving up on love?

Recently I had quite a let down in my love life. He was the first guy that I actually liked and just a week ago my last hopes that I had about him for a long time, were finally crashed. It felt like some part of me was ripped out and I was left empty. I know now, for sure, that I will get over it, but it hurts. I don't have any hopes about him anymore, or my love life in general. It's like I was left numb and I want to give up on love at all. The thing is, I hadn't seen this guy for a very long time and he wants to meet up sometime soon, but I don't know if I should, I just feel like few weeks should pass, until I could see him, so I'll probably will postpone this meeting as much as I can. However, right now I'm also on dating site and chatting with a lot of guys, and it has been kind of fun, but I don't know if I should continue. Maybe I should just wait till this disappointment goes away. Maybe I should just cut any contact with any guy for a while and just focus on myself. How do I not give up on love? What did help you get over something similar? I just need to hear, that it gets better, because right now mostly everything in my life went to shit and I just want to shut down and give up on everything.


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  • Focus on yourself, honey.
    You see, fall in love with yourself, dance on your own, sing on your own, go take evening/morning walks on your own, find what you like the best about you, find your flaws and make them perfect imperfections. Maybe right now the universe is giving you a chance to be in love with yourself. Love isn't always about two individuals. It'll get better, so much better with time and it'll be beautiful.
    Keeping the love vibes you'll find your tribe.
    Work on your personal projects, do things you've always postponed, hangout with friends... there's much love out there for you.
    The right guy will come, and rather than completing you, he'll complement you.
    Be strong, get angry you want to shut down, and use that anger to reconstruct the beautiful you.


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  • please give up and get out of our lives...


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