Is she into me? Did I blow it? What do I do?

Newly single. Met a coworkers friend at a party. We hit it off, I asked her out a few days later, she said yes. Met her at a bar on Friday, had a few drinks. It was going pretty well initially. Started playing a game where we drank the beers with the weirdest names / most alcohol (her suggestion) and got a little more drunk than I would have liked. And started getting nervous and in my head.

There were a few awkward silences, but they didn’t last long. I apologized at one point later in the night as I was a little nervous, and hadn’t been on a date with a new person in a while. She said it was fine and she was having fun, eventually left the bar and went back to my place around the corner.

Met my dog, hung out and talked a bit more. She was acting little nervous, sitting on the arm of my couch, me on the couch. Eventually I told her “you know you can come sit by me”… She did, and I eventually made the move to kiss her. She kissed back for a second and stopped. Could tell she didn’t want to go any further. She left shortly after that, but surprised me with a few quick kisses on her way to the door.

Texted her later that I had fun and we should do it again soon. She said. “Yes! I agree (blushing smiley face emoji)

Next day I texted if she wanted to get together later in the week. She replied about 4 hours later “Sure. I’m currently working ( I have 2 jobs, I don’t think I mentioned that), but we can figure something out later.” I guess she was busy. I said that’s cool. I understand. Sounds good. Maybe we can do something more fun this time like bowling or something. We’ll figure it out, but looking forward to it. She never replied.

Didn’t talk at all Sunday, and today is Monday. Still haven’t texted her.

Does she seem interested, or maybe not that sure yet? What should I do for a second date? Was thinking something more active. She did mention sometimes she walks stray dogs after work, maybe we could do that as I love dogs too.

I do think I could really like this girl, which is what is fucking me up. Any suggestions would help a lot, especially from ladies...


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  • She seemed interested but mYbe hesitated since she didn't want to do things so quickly. Has she responded back to you since then

    • She didn't respond to my last text, but it was kind of open ended. Like I would text her later. So maybe she is waiting for me to text her I don't know. It is really hard to read her. Haven't been single in a while and I'm a little rusty. I was thinking about texting her tonight, but didn't want to come off to eager. Plus I was trying to figure out what to do for the second date.

    • I'm just going to say my opinion. It's probably not right but, if I was really interested in a guy and wanted to go out, then I would message him and make sure we plan everything out. But then again she has two jobs and is probably busy. I have a problem when I see a text and do something and completely forget to message back. Maybe that's the case too. There can be many reasons why she didn't respond.

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