Guys, Talking keen for weeks and then just stops?

OK so I never thought I would post anything on here but I am totally confused. I have been talking to this guy for weeks and we've been out a couple of times. He usually texts every day, has even sent cute litthe quotes telling me he's thinking of me. Every time I have seen him we've had a good evening with lots of laughs and both messaged each other saying how great it was and comfortable it felt blah blah.
Completely out the blue and after arranging another date he has stopped texting? Bear in mind his last message was 'I've got a really busy night at work so I'll text you as soon as I finish' with a ton of kisses...
I messaged him the next saying hope he had a good shift and since then, nothing. He has read my message and has since been online (whatsapp) but no response. We have both been pretty straight up with eachother from the start so if he wasn't interested I hope he'd have just told me...
Please does anyone have any advice or insight into this situation? I don't really want to make a fool out of myself by messaging him if he doesn't want to speak to me, I'd just like to know where I stand.
Thank you!
Guys, Talking keen for weeks and then just stops?
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