Should I continue to date him?


At some level I think I know the answer already, but I needed perspectives from others to convince me.

A little about me. Im really independent and career orientated. I have very polarized personalities when it comes to relationships. I either shut off completely and stay alone or I want to shower my SO with love and be loved like the end of the world. This latter personality was brought out by my ex who seriously badly spoiled me in love.

About him.
We are introduced to each other. He is great in all aspects, tall, smart, good-looking, successful. Everything you would want from a potential husband type. He made a move pretty quickly after the first encounter, and we've been dating for 6 months now. We are in an environment where the dating pool is relatively small for guys. He said something along the line like I'm water in the desert, which somehow made me feel like he's just settling for me.
Right now, we've already said ILY to each other, but... I get these episodes of feelings where I really want to call it off with him.

I'm trying to pinpoint the reasons and have a hard time finding them.

He is too rational and I want someone more passionate
We only see each other max 3 times a week in the evening/night due to his work schedule and that can't be changed
We like many opposite things (though that has been a source of jokes)

The other day, I had a really hard time reciprocating ILY back when he said it.

Finally here are my questions.

Should I continue with the dating even though I don't feel the good type of being spoiled?

Any other information you need to give me a verdict?
Should I continue to date him?
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