Should I buy a plane ticket to see an old flame?

Last year, I met a dutch guy from Tinder. He was 22, i was 18 and we hit it off immediately. We had an instant romantic comedy worthy connection. We saw each other several times a week for exactly one month, cooking meals together and meeting each other's friends. His internship in America ended mid/late December but he promised me an open invitation to visit him in the Netherlands whenever.

We've kept in touch, which included friendly text conversations maybe once a month. A couple nights ago, I had a dream about him. Nothing overtly sexual, but I let him know that I remember spending time with him. He invited me to come visit him this winter break. He offered to be a personal tour guide and let me sleep at his place, free of charge.

I found round trip tickets to Amsterdam for $550 and if I had free lodging, money wouldn't be too much of an issue. he said that a 2 week stay (end of dec- mid jan) is okay with him. I've had a very stressful semester, and I would really love to go on a vacation and see an old flame. but i'm wondering, is it too risky?
Yes; it's best to follow your feelings wherever they make take you
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Yes; but get your own lodgings.
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No, it's a waste of money
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Should I buy a plane ticket to see an old flame?
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