Should I buy a plane ticket to see an old flame?

Last year, I met a dutch guy from Tinder. He was 22, i was 18 and we hit it off immediately. We had an instant romantic comedy worthy connection. We saw each other several times a week for exactly one month, cooking meals together and meeting each other's friends. His internship in America ended mid/late December but he promised me an open invitation to visit him in the Netherlands whenever.

We've kept in touch, which included friendly text conversations maybe once a month. A couple nights ago, I had a dream about him. Nothing overtly sexual, but I let him know that I remember spending time with him. He invited me to come visit him this winter break. He offered to be a personal tour guide and let me sleep at his place, free of charge.

I found round trip tickets to Amsterdam for $550 and if I had free lodging, money wouldn't be too much of an issue. he said that a 2 week stay (end of dec- mid jan) is okay with him. I've had a very stressful semester, and I would really love to go on a vacation and see an old flame. but i'm wondering, is it too risky?

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  • That's risky. You have no guarantees that his "free of charge" doesn't come with a catch - ala demands of sex. And even if you are ok with that he may tire of you after he's had it and ask you to leave before your time is up. Worst case scenarios I know but something you should think and plan for in case you want to go - people who say "that'll never happen" are the ones it generally happens to


Most Helpful Girl

  • it's risky
    especially seeing that you haven't talked much
    text conversations once a month? not enough for a solid connection

    i mean, go if you want
    but have a back-up plan
    book a hostel or air bnb just in case
    ... and see amsterdam for reasons other than him


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  • If you can afford it go for it at your age you should be tour the world anyway


What Girls Said 3

  • If you were really priorities in one another's lives you have been talking more than once a month. I don't think it's worth the time or money.

  • Sure, but I really would get my own place to stay or at least have the money for it just in case.
    Always good to have a back up in case things don't quite work out.

  • Go !!! Is better to do it and don't regret all your life for not doing it also Amsterdam is very beautiful ! Obviously not a waste of money.