Caught feelings. Got hurt. Advice?

A little backstory on my situation. This summer I finally had moved out of my abusive aunt and uncles house. I'm in my Senior year in highschool[18/M] and was having trouble making friends ( great people but they already had their circle of friends). So I pretty much was a loner until a little over a month ago this girl [17/F] came as a TA for my 6th period. I was tired of being alone in that class so I suck up my cojones and go talk to her. Normal talk nothing special. 2 weeks ago she broke up with her boyfriend and In my little introverted mind I start thinking of her as more of a friend. Problem is I can barely afford to live let alone have a girlfriend so I repress it. Me and her have been talking non-stop since we met but I never pushed for more but still I thought we got along really well. She'd always call me the funniest person she's ever met. She's gorgeous but like i said i had to keep that to myself. I was content with our friendship. Until today one of her guy friends comes in. She completely blows me off for him. I was so confused but hey she can have friends. I try to get in on their conversation but get completly ignored. They talk about more sentimental things and hanging out. So after class ends she says bye to me and goes with her guy friend. When that happened I realized that I'm not close to her at all. They might not even be involved romantically but it really hurts. It hurts that the first person to actually want to be my friend might not even really care for me. It sucks that I can't afford to be with the people I want to be with. Maybe I'm over thinking but It really hurts. I just need advice on this. Should I just forget about the idea of being with her? I really don't want to but it's destroying me right now. Oh great sages of relationships please help.

Tl;dr Was a loner. Talked to cute girl. Have lots of goof/gaffs. Caught feelings but can't afford to act on them. Gets blown off for random guy. Realised I'm really nothing to her.


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  • Your "friend" is not a good person. If she was truly your friend, she would have told you to join them. Anyway, I recommend you to talk to more people.


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  • It's not a money thing dude. I mean, you wouldn't be broke and that'd be awesome, but if the girl is blowing you off for one of her guy friends then she's either into him or just being friendly with you.

    Hurts a bunch I've been there. And you know what you need to do. You're friends sure, but she's not going to be more than that. Start trying to branch out a little more man. It hurts like fuck while you're trying, but once you've got a solid group of close friends you'll never want to go back.

    Good luck bro. I'm rooting for you.

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