We haven't talked since he hungout, I want him to know I'm interested. what do I do?

We hungout for the first time last Thursday and its now Monday. we went out for pizza and drove around the city, I had a good time and it seemed like he did to. I want him to know I am interested in hanging out again but I'm not sure how to do that casually over text. I already thanked him afterwards over text and told him we should get drinks when I get my fake and he said it sounded like a good plan. I want to hangout before I go home at the end of the semester!! Any advice?


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  • just text him "hey wanna go get drinks or something tonight." literally all you have to do. he won't think you're a creep for trying to chill.

    • I won't get my fake id till after I go home for break though is the issue

    • Oh well it doesn't have to be drinks. go get some coffee or lunch or something like that.

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