Do you care about a girl's past?

Not her sexual past (!) but her past in general.
I've never been in a relationship and I'm afraid if I'll ever be they'll start questioning me and digging and then leave me when they find out that I was physically abused throughout my childhood by my father and later heavily bullied in school :( There was a period when I used to self harm, experimented with drugs and tried to commit suicide a few times and I became badly anorexic. I still have some problems with food today but besides that I am completely fine, unless you start questioning. I guess my question is would finding this out about a girl you're seeing drive you away because you're afraid she's a psycho or something? Or would it bother you not knowing about a girls past in that sense at all if you were in a relationship with her? Would you pressure her to tell you and leave her if it turns out it was not as you expected?
Do you care about a girl's past?
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