Is she unsure about me?

I asked this question before about me being blown off but the question is closed now.

My new question is could this sound like she is unsure about me? should I build more rapport with her first? I swear I was 90% sure she had some interest when we talk in person.

I asked the girl out for coffee ( lame I know ). I was sure she was interested but now I'm not so sure. She said yes in person. I messaged her the next day and her reply was " It will be in a week or so, I'm crammed and the moment for a little bit, but I wil know when Im free".

There was no maybe or anything, the first part she gives a counter and says " It will be in a week" so she did give a time frame but her saying she will "let me know" isn't great. If it was totally negative would she say something else? it's confusing to me

once again I was near certain she was down. She didn't hesitate at all when I asked in person.

going to lay low for a bit,
is it hard to get? is it not interested? now what?

I can't tell for sure, but if it was rejection why would she say It will be in a week or so? That's a time frame it sounds definitive

Exact quote is Below :

"It'll have to be some time in the next week or so, I'm super crammed with lots going on in the next little bit so I'll let ya kno when I'm free!"

Is she unsure about me?
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