Is there any possibility that he likes HER more than me?

So we've been dating for 7 months already and I feel like he likes someone else.
Our relationship isn't as great as it used to be.. I mean every relationship changes after seven months, but I feel like he's sooo distant from me.
I started feeling that way like 2-3 months ago.
My boyfriend LOVES playing video games so much (It's not like he's a huge nerd tho!) So he's been playing online games with his 'squad' pretty often. I didn't really mind that time.
It all began on Twitch con.. Honestly I wasn't really interested in Twitchcon (I didn't even know something like that exists.), but I really wanted to meet his friends from that video game.
So with group of 3 males also appeared one girl, she was super-plain and she probably didn't even bother to put some make up on, so I thought he won't be interested, but he just hugged her in front of ME and the whole day, he was only talking to HER.. The girl probably considered me as her friend, because she was able to casually talk to me with a huge grin on her face, while she was almost clinging onto my boyfriend.
That time I thought 'It's okay, after this shitty event ends they will never see each other again.'.. But guess what! She actually lives near his house and they were probably meeting even before that event!
I really wish he would stop talking to that girl, but I don't want to sound too possessive or jealous..
Is there any possibility that he likes HER more than me?
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