I don't know what to do I need help?

Hi all ok so here's my problem a month ago she admitted she has feelings for me but ever since haloween it feels like she hardly wants to talk anymore like we used to. Should I ask her what the problem is or just act like everything is normal? It's driving me insane I feel like I've done something wrong but don't know what. Please help!!


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  • If she told you a month ago, how did you react? Did you talk to her differently or just continued as before her revelation?

    • Exactly the same friendliness I just felt more comfortable around her and we were both more affectionate towards each other.

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    • Perhaps you just took things too slow then? Perhaps she wanted you to make a move when telling you how she felt?

    • Ah I see is there anyway to save this or have I messed up my chance

  • Ask her..

    • Thanks I wasn't sure whether this would make things worse or not

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