He deleted his drunk texts, I am not sure what to make of it?

The guy I am talking with sent me several drunk text messages. They weren't rude or bad in anyway, just compliments on my appearance (nothing sexual or flirty) but to be honest sounded like it's showing the unusual/silly bit of him as I am sure he'd never send such messages when he is sober.

I am confused. Why would he do that when we both acknowledged that I already read them, not that he deleted before I could see them. Especially the app allows me to see that he deleted them. Not sure if he was embarrassed about those drunk text because I see nothing wrong with them, or perhaps he sees things differently.

I am not sure if he deleted them because he was upset either (he was upset with me a bit, which was also unusual as he's usually very calm person and I never saw him really frustrated before). Because he didn't delete lots of other messages that showed he cares about me, only those compliment ones.

Any thoughts please?



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  • Guess he was ashamed of them.

    • Thanks for amswering.
      Yes thats my first thought too but I am still confused because he knew I already read them as I replied to those texts. Deleting them would just make it more awkward for him don't you think?

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    • You are welcome!

    • Thanks!

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