Screwed up on the second date big time and rejected for the third date. Can I still redeem myself?

I met this girl in my class in college and we went to coffee as a "first date." She asked me out to coffee first actually so she was really interested in me. I talked to her in class and the day she asked me out to coffee I was talking to her for a good amount and made her really laugh. I guess she fell for my personality.
Anyways on our second date which was two weeks ago and we had dinner together and it went pretty bad. I guess I was just in a bad mood but I wasn't making any jokes or being funny at all. I was pretty much talking about myself the whole time since I was in a really bad mood.
I asked her out yesterday and she said she isn't really interested in me anymore.
Something happened in my life and I was in a really bad mood for the past two weeks and I wasn't my usual fun self. I see her 3 times a week in my class and for the past two weeks I guess I haven't really been making her laugh.
There is only a month left in the semester and I won't ever see her again unless I try. I am back to normal. I actually sit next to her in class so we can talk for a good amount before and after class. Should I try again and make her laugh?

How can I not look desperate? I really like her though. She originally liked me right, but just lost interest. Maybe I should just text her in like March for coffee to catch up on some things?


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  • You should start making yourself a little unavailable. Keep trying to make her laugh, but do not ask her out soon because it's quite possible that she will reject you again. Build the relationship again from the start.

    • Yeah but the semester ends in a month and I won't see her ever again unless we have the same classes. I mean I can text her next semester to have coffee I suppose.

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  • You can try to make her laugh I guess, but you're just going to look desperate if you try something again. You have to leave that shit at the door when you go out with a girl, or work, whatever.

    • You're basically going to look desperate anytime a girl says 'not interested'. I dunno, imagine asking a girl out and the second date she turned into narcissist bitchzilla. You may not have been near as bad, but to her you killed it. So if you had 0 interest in a girl and she called you and wanted to get together, it's unlikely you would want to. If you clearly stated it and she asked you anyway then it looks desperate instead of just moving on. You can try waiting, you can try explaining you were dealing with things and should have postponed it. But both cases have a high chance for a 'don't care not interested' response.

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    • So coffee again would be okay? I thought that would be something like a first date when you don't know the person that well yet so having a conversation will be easy. After two dates we have basically covered the basics. We have a coffee place on our campus so it is pretty convenient I suppose.

    • Convenience is the key here, she has no interest in dating you. So she's not going to go out of here way to go to dinner with you, coffee nearby after class is easy and convenient, so it's probably the only 'possible' second chance you'll get.

  • move along the chance is gone