Should men stick to face to face dating rather than online dating?

The best ratio a man can get online is 2.5m:1f and in a lot of sites we are talking about horrific ratios of 10m:1f. Seems to me that men are better off meeting women in the flesh.


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  • I think if a guy is wanting to meet someone, it's better to use a few different outlets to meet people. Don't only rely on dating sites. Try to meet women in person too. That way you are getting the most exposure to potential mates.


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  • Face to face is infinitely better for men than online dating is. Online dating is a woman's playground. Best not to play on their turf


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  • The guys I've known said online dating was about like their real world experiences. If they were good with women, they were good with women online. If they weren't, they weren't online. Most were in the middle and said they had a medium level of response.

    If you don't look at it as a miracle, but rather just another option, it's fine.

    The good thing about meeting in person is you can filter by choosing what events you go to. Like one guy I knew who did great at Renessaince Faires. The chicks there were more similar to him, so he had a higher rate of success.

    • Voice of freakin reason right here! If you're good with women you do fine in any medium.

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