Anyone into old school romance?

Im into old school romance, like romantic dates, and love letters, guys doing chivalrous acts, romantic dancing, dressing up, romantic rides, guys picking girls up at there doors, things like that. Almost like what we see if in movies, i wish it could still be like that. I think it could be if people wanted it too. Does anyone else feel this way? Or any guys into that?


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  • I'm into that. I love writing little letters and poems.


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  • I always take my girl out far from the city. we just lay on my hood of my car, and be talking about life and just glaze In the stars


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  • Since when did that not happen anymore?
    What do people do now?

    • Technology so texting , the whole netflix and chill , guys just wanting sex, maybe i just haven't met a guy that does like old school romance

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    • the reason we lie, because we know the truth will break y'all hearts. us guys we take Ls all around. if we do tell the truth they still want to break up

    • @SK8-Benny7 i mean id rather hear the truth instead of being lied to which makes things worse and he clearly didn't want to be with me if he had to lie

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