Guys is there a scenario where you would ask a girl out, and keep her waiting?

I was with this guy on my weekend. [An ex from 4 years ago, we broke up when he moved over seas but it ended on a good note and we remained friends].
Present day.
We are both in different stages of our lives now so i could see things could be different time.

He came to my house warming on the weekend and we got together [it seems his friends were wanting this to happen too]. I could see him checking me out across the room for most of the night, he also made sure to re-introduce himself first.

We ended up sleeping together and in the mooning i could tell he wanted to have a serious conversation but was shy. As he left he gave me a hug goodbye and asked if i wanted to catch up again. I was a little tired so my reply didn't seem like i was interested.

I though i would text him first as I did the same thing when we first got together. so the next night i replied sorry if i did not seem i was interested as i was tired but i would like to catch up and have a few nights free this week.

He replied a few hours later saying "It was a great weekend thank you. Just a bit sleepy but otherwise fine. How about you? Yeah that sounds good to me what night are you free? i don't think I've got anything on this week 🙂:

I replied saying a few nights and said whatever he likes. Unfortunately i sent it Sunday night via FB, however he has not viewed it but has been online.

Surely he would know i would be replying, and if he has mentioned more than once now about catching up, wouldn't he be checking to see if i replied?

Do you think he knows the message is there, but is waiting to organise something to reply. Or is this the weirdest case of telling me he is keen and then blowing me off.


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  • Maybe he is still thinking about which day to choose. The week is not over yet.

    • he hasn't even viewed it yet. Its on Facebook messenger so he would have got the notification but not opened it

    • I ignore messages I don't want to open as well. Maybe he didn't feel like replying to you so soon.

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