DATING: What's the number one thing that you can take away from it at this point in your life?

...this question is for everyone- I wanna see a few differing POVs.


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  • Expectations is what I would take away from dating.

    We all have in our heads the way things *should* be or the way we want things to be instead of keeping an open mind. Dating would be so much easier if there wasn't a hidden checklist that can make or break a future relationship from the get-go.

    I know that is pretty unrealistic but if everyone went out on a date to just to get to know another person and have a good time - dating would actually be fun instead of a torturous parody of what you think the other person wants you to be.

    Luckily I don't have to worry about that anymore. : )


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  • I'm 17, and what I've learned is that if he can"t make you laugh, its not going to work

    • You mean as opposed to a guy with a different sense of humor or as opposed to a guy with no sense of humor?

    • I guess both... if they have a sense of humor you don't understand, then it's forced laughter. If he has no sense of humor...ugh.

  • I've learned not to trust a guy too soon...

  • i've learned to put myself first and not be afraid of being a bitch. not like be mean and cruel to the guy, but don't be so worried about what he's gonna think and stuff, my feelings and needs are paramount because nobody's gonna take care of you like you will!


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