How do I approach the guy I'm dating about his status?

I've been dating this guy for a few months now. We've both recently gotten out of long term relationships and we started out as friends, but connected over being in similar situations. Things have been mutual up to this point. Last time we talked about our relationship, we both agreed that it was casual and we're having fun and if anything changes that we need to be honest with each other. Welllll I think things have changed for me. Im really into him, and have even turned down dates with other guys because I want to see where our connection can go, but I cannot read this guy whatsoever, one minute he's kissing me on the cheek in public, constantly texting me, and the next he's kind of distant. And, even though he's constantly texting me, it's always friendly with no indication of what he's feeling. He was just away for a few days and yes he texted me, but I was hoping for an I miss you or something that could give me and idea of where he's at, and I got nothing. Basically, I know I need to approach him to see where his heads at but I don't know how. How do I be honest without driving him away? Do I bring up getting asked out by other guys or just tell him straight up that I like him and don't want to date other people? Just want to be honest in the right way.
How do I approach the guy I'm dating about his status?
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