What Did I Do Wrong?

Iv been talking to this guy for probably 2 weeks now, we get along really great. Yesterday he was taking forever to respond to my text messages and it was annoying me a little, so without showing I was annoyed I said if your busy or something I can let you go? He said no I'm just exhausted from work. So we kept texting but he still kept taking forever to respond so I said "hey ill just ttyl, have a good night." not only did he never respond but he hasn't even called or text me for the past 2 days! But he's been online and stuff... Did I do or say something wrong that I'm just totally missing? We normally talk everyday if I don't text him he always texts me and since I texted him last and he never responded id seem psycho if I texted him. So I don't know if were even talking anymore or what's going on.


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  • This is a bit of a tricky one.

    a) He could be very busy, and hence hasn't responded. It's only been a day or so, so not worth getting too paranoid and worked up about it. Plus, even though you did send him the last text, doesn't mean you cannot text him again. Although, I wouldn't text him too soon. Give him some space and leave it a few days.

    b) As to your last message on "hey I'll just talk to you later, have a good night". It really much depends on what he said to you before and whether that's the normal way you usually text him? If he is quite a sensitive guy, he may pick up a bad tone from it but like I said it very much depends on what he said before you sent thim that text. (Also, probably would helped if a guy responds to this question since male/female interpretation of language used are hugely different at times.)

    If you feel that you may have upset him, then just leave it a few days (i.e. another 4 days from today) to see if he does get back to you at all, and if not, then try contacting him. Maybe along the lines of "Hi, I haven't heard from you in a few days, I hope you are ok?"

    Otherwise, I really wouldn't spend too much time dwelling on it. Obviously you seem to like him, hence why you are concerned more than what you would be over a friend "friend" who would do the same action.

  • In life things aren't always what it seems. You don't really know what's going on maybe he is really busy and if it says he's online but sometimes he might not even in on the chair. I don't think you did anything wrong, but in my opinion, if you text a man too many times even with great conversations they can get annoyed. Try to save those conversation for the following week.

    Who knows, maybe you should just give him some time.

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