Strong Crushes and a Potential Love Triangle... Need Help Desperately! What can I do?

Okay, I have a real problem right now. So, at my secondary school I have the standard group of friends - six people, including one which some of us don't like but are still trying to be nice to. One girl in this group I've had a strong crush on (the few people I've told reckon I might have even fallen in love - I've dreamed about her and cried over her in the past) for around a year. Now, in the span of the last few days I finally decided I'm going to tell her how I feel... here comes Problem #1: this could ruin the friendship, right? And I'm not sure I want to take that risk. I do value my friendship with her (sorry that this all sounds so familiar).

Problem #2: The guy in the group that we don't like so much that I mentioned earlier: I think he may also like her. I suspected it for a while, but today all but confirmed it. He was talking to the girl while we were in a group and when another asked me what he had said and I told her, the guy got all stroppy, saying that it was only for the girl I like's ears. That girl also told us about an incident yesterday where the guy picked up on the fact that he'd never hugged her and asked her for one - she said no, but doesn't this mean he likes her?

Please, I'm so scared to tell but if I don't I could live for a long time regretting it. And if I do, aside from the friendship being ruined, the other guy could find out and then our mutual friends would find out and then everything would be very bad...


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  • 1) If you can both be mature about your feeling, then it doesn't have to break the friendship
    2) If she doesn't like him back, don't worry. If she likes you both, you could lose her to him.

    Get her alone and tell her.


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  • Yes, odds are it could ruin the friendship.

    Yes, he does.

    I wouldn't tell her if I were you. But that's bad advise.

    • Well, I told her today and it was quite the opposite! She made it clear that it hasn't changed our friendship and as far as I can tell, we can go on as normal immediately. As for the other guy, he'll never know about this...

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