Advice with a girl seemingly going cold?


I shall keep this short and sweet, and look forward to any advice!

I met this girl, seemed to click and get on great. I got her number from a friend, (she agreed to give it to his girlfriend who asked her about giving it me.) We text a few times, but never really kept it going. About a month afterwards, she texts me, and we begin to text more, at least a few times a day for several weeks. We meet up a few times, and each time we do we laugh, have a great time and really click. We continue to text, not all day, and sometimes she responds the next morning etc., and she continues to mention me on things on Facebook etc.

Fast forward to now, and she barely texts me, or likes things on Facebook etc. She will respond to say my first message, but then ignores the next one? Confusingly, she still agrees to meet up with me this coming week?

She has got some issues at home which she opened up to me about quite quickly on our first meet, and a loss of a friend recently (about a month ago,) but is still often on Facebook etc and seems cool on there. Because of these issues, and it coming up to around a year since splitting with her ex (her choice) I haven't made a move which I know is bad, but I am positive she knows I like her.

Any advice on to the sudden lack of wanting to talk, mentioning me on Facebook things etc, but still willing to meet up would be appreciated!!
Advice with a girl seemingly going cold?
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