How much time should you spend apart from an ex that you want to get back together with?

Like no talking texting or any of that after a break up
say the break up was on somewhat good terms


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  • how much time have i spent in the past? 6 months
    How much time i wish i spent? 0

    • What do you mean you spent 6 months?

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    • ew no why would i. i broke up with him.

    • Well not specifically that guy but any others

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  • Do not fucking contact her at all for 4weeks. In these 4 weeks make sure you are getting better looking and having fun with your life. Go meet other girls too. Your goal is to have her realize life sucks without you, if she doesn't chase you/hit you up after 4 weeks of no contact try sending a light hearted text and see what happens. If she doesn't give a shit then who cares, you're already meeting other girls, you catch my drift?

    • You think only 4 weeks? Has this happened to you?

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    • Hell no, she fucking cheated on me and is a psychopathic liar party slut. I could if I wanted to right now but I would be settling for scraps

    • Why do you think she came back?

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