Girls, how would you react?

I am 20yo, prety good atlethic body, i hear i am beautiful, but i am virgin... i dont even know how to kiss... Short explenation... i always liked the most beautiful girl and never asked them out hoping it will somehow happen... but it never did... i am a bit shy, that was till second year of highschool, and then i was ashamed of not being experienced... i met one girl through messages, my best friend gave me her number and told me she is my tipe and maybe she is willing to learn me... we were texting for 2 weeks, she had some problems, and didn't go out of the house too much for like a half year before that, so she was kind of scared, after those 2 weeks we have gone out (dont know if its right tense, not my first language :D ), she didn't know how i was unexperienced... it was a little cold but i used it to get closer to her, everything was good till that moment at the end, i wanted to kiss her and she didn't want to, i stood in front of her and told her " we aren't leaving this place till we kiss" and i looked at her mouth, she looked at mine, looking each other eyes and then closing them and a kiss... i didn't know to kiss (watched some tutorial online, but not the same), but she didn't say anything till latter when i was in bus, and i told her whole story, and she told me that i should hire a hooker to learn me... i dont want that... What is best way for me to learn... i know i have been liked by some girls, i know like 5 of them who would be with me but, not sure if they will tell, and i dont want anyone to know... There is one women i like, 30yo, and i would ask her, i think she will help, or should i ask someone my age or younger, or what? :D Wanna learn it before i find good girl for me :D


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  • If the girl really likes you she shouldn't care if you are a virgin. You should really think about this since this is your virginity. I mean my boyfriend regretted losing his to a non virgin girl.

    • You reminded me of something important :D Virgin, thats ok, kind of... but i dont know where to learn to french kiss good, dont want to learn on "the one" :D

    • In that case have you thought about asking a close friend that you know that could possibly help you? It doesn't really take long once a girl let you practice on her.
      Yes it's definitely okay to be a virgin.

  • "Girls how would you react"
    I'd run away.

    • Hahahah lol :D You didn't read it, did you? :D

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  • its not hard, check internet. Normal kiss is just like brushing your partners upper or lower lips with your lips.

    • Thanks... Started like that and did it French after first time... but not good as she noticed i dont know to do it and i dont know what to do, i am a proud guy and dont want anyone to know i dont know how to kiss... but how should i learn? too much i dont know? :D i feel like crazy person :D

    • Well you can act like a drunk guy and try to kiss her. If you kiss terriblely you will always have an excuse that you were drunk.

    • Drunk kiss, why didn't i think of that? Next time i go out, girls have to watch out for my drunk kisses :D