Talk about my feelings?

(not native English speaker) hi there (m, 24)

there's this woman. we have been dating in spring 2015 for a while. she broke up with me, before I went on a 3 month trip to Asia. Anyway I met her again in July since we have got some mutual friends. later we met for coffee twice. I asked her to see her again but I thought she wasn't really interested. So I decided not to text her anymore. Also our meetings were kinda awkward because of what happend last year and I think we both didn't really know how to act. This week she texted me again and we will meet up on Monday. I think about to talk to her about my feelings to get rid of this awkwardness between us and to clarify what we are doing here. Is this a good idea?

I really like her and I have been thinking about her often since this spring. I would like to work on this relationship and not just take the easy way and wait for another girl. I also saw a lot of other women in between and I realised she has everything I want from a girlfriend.


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  • Tell her..

  • It's never a good idea to talk about feelings. Especially if that's the first time you wil be seeing her in a while.


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