Should sen her a love letter?

About a week ago I told my crush that I had a crush on her. She told me that she liked somebody else, but I know for a fact that she doesn't have crush on anyone. I think she just said that not to hurt my feelings. I have written a love letter telling her about my feelings for her and that I wanted to be with her. Should I send her this note and if I should how should I give it to her. Should I write my name on the bottom or give it to her anonymously , and should I give it to her in person or should I put it in a locker or secretly put it in her folder.
Please help I really like this girl and I really do care about her.


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  • It really depends...
    I personally think that a love letter is SUPER sweet, but I am not your crush. To some people, it could be considered kind of creepy, to others it could be considered super sweet. If you really really like her, I would send it anonymously, in her locker.


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  • I wouldn't do that, She's obviously not feeling the same way about you Just be cool on her


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  • She wouldn't have said she liked someone else if she liked you. I'm really sorry. It sounds to me that even if she isn't crushing on someone else, she doesn't have feelings for you. :(

  • Hey berbs,
    I LURV YOU! When I first saw you putting lipdick on I got super horny. I wanted to let you know I've been stalking you for a couple weeks now. You're so beautiful when you sleep.


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