She won't talk to me?

I became very close to one of my female friends over the last two months to the point where we were hanging out multiple times a week she was spending time with my family we treated each other to lunch or dinner went to concerts etc etc but now since her brothers cancer came back she's pushed me away and just me she ignores my texts calls cancels on me all the time again etc etc i told her a couple weeks ago that i'm here to support her with anything she needs and she was very gracious but now she has pushed me away even farther and the last time i saw her we went to my friends party together and she ignored me the entire time and then when i dropped her off she said thanks for driving and got out of the car ever since then its been radio silence and i'm feeling very depressed that someone wouod just stop talking to me for no reason whatsover i hear things about her from my other friends but never hear from her and now its been two weeks and i dont know how to confront her about it without sounding selfish because her brother is dying i'm sad everyday and i started seeing a therapist but its not helping much what can i do to forget about her i dont really have many friends right now they're all away at college or moved?


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  • What the fuck? Poor girl is experiencing a difficult health-related situation and all you can think about is the fact that she is not talking to you? I mean, that's another level of selfishness...


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  • You need to give her some space. It is not uncommon for some people to have these reactions when a loved one is in a critical condition. Don't take it too personally, she is there for her brother now.

    I'm not saying her reaction is right, but maybe she is in a completely different state of mind now with hee current issue. Wait some time, and send her a friendly message saying you hope all is well.

    Don't chase her at this time as it's pointless.

    • I'm not going to chase her i'm letting her be she definitely has changed her attitude towards me but she still has time for our other friends it just seems to be me i'm not trying needy even though its coming off as needy i just have feelings like everyone else

    • Just be yourself, act as if nothing's happened and don't let it bother you or at least pretend not to. She may change her attitude once she sees this and it's all boiled over.

      I know it must hurt, but just be friendly with her as you've been, but in the meantime also open yourself up to other friends and opportunities. Never put all your eggs in one basket, this is specially true when it comes to relationships in general.

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