Why do guys start a conversation via text then make you wait for them to respond?

So my ex-FWB texted me on Saturday to ask how I was. I responded something pleasant but he didn't reply the rest of the day. Sunday night rolls around and still nothing. I sent him a jokey '?' and he said he was busy and would reply tomorrow (Monday). He didn't. I know he's been 'online' but he still hasn't replied to me. Why do guys do this? I'd understand him blanking me say if I'd text him but HE text me. What is his deal?


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  • Sometimes I think it's like an ego boost for them? They know you still like them and they just wanna see if they still have it

    • True! But why run the risk of them forgetting about you... men are confusingggg.

    • They really are!

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  • They childish playing games and all. Or he's just busy. One of the two.

    • Part of me thinks he is playing a game. You can't be that busy you can't respond a quick 'im fine'. Uh men. Luckily I'm not dating him- that'd be a real pain if I were!

    • If he cared, he'd put in effort. It's that simple.